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Dave Henshaw

Tea Time...

By Dave Henshaw, Mar 3 2016 02:19PM

For those of you that have worked with me in my home studio, you'll no doubt know about my passion for 'loose leaf tea'. I always have a selection on hand to make everyone feel fresh and alive and a lot of you bring me some to add to my collection.

But earleir this week, a client introduced me to a website that has thus far escaped me!!!

Nothing But Tea are very enthusiastic about tea and I mean "Real Tea", not the bland, brown, supermarket stuff. They love teas with history, teas with distinctive tastes, teas from named estates, teas that have been lovingly made by hand, teas that are as much a pleasure to behold as to drink. For them, searching for and finding teas is a world-wide treasure hunt!

I personally don't have the time or the budget to travel the world looking for the finest teas (that is however on my bucket list), so the Nothing But Tea website is perfect for me.

Many people don't realise that tea can be so much more than a hot brown liquid. People buy insipid supermarket teas without realising that they are missing out on the real thing.

It's time to change people, make your life better, drink real loose leaf tea!!!


PS: I also really love some of the photography on there website! ;-)

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